The Beta Registration of Shadowgun War Games is Set on a Roll

Over the years, there have been some stern critics of competitive mobile gaming. However, it is hard to disagree on the fact that the genre has outstanding success with titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and several other franchises with their mobile versions.

Gamers have witnessed the bold attempt of MOBA to venture in the market of esports with titles like the Vainglory, and gamers have witnessed the mobile version of the League of Legends.

Madfinger joins the club

It is now the turn of the Madfinger Games to join the list as it tries to make in-rows in the mobile gaming market with the Shadowgun War Games.  This game is the multiplayer competitive counterpart of the popular gaming series Shadowgun.

The look and feel of the game

When you first look at the screenshots, the game appears to have a resemblance to Blizzard’s Overwatch, which has been a huge hit in a team-based PC-shooter genre.  Again, this franchise has its own esports league all over the world.

The CEO of Madfinger Marek Rabas gave the demo of a live gameplay from the Shadowgun War Games on15November, which took place at the Twitch Channel of Madfinger Games from 3 PM GMT.

The developers are optimistic about enhancing the capabilities of mobile gaming technology and they are thrilled to have the game close to release.

The story behind

Marek Rabas, CEO of Madfinger games said that the initial plan was to set up a one-on-one mode within the Shadowgun Legends. However, they were quick to realize that striking a balance was rather impossible due to the involvement of diverse skills.

It was early in February that they decided to make a separate game altogether.  No doubt, it was an ambitious project to undertake and they wanted to feature the best-ever competitive gameplay with a visual fidelity that is peerless.  Moreover, it will have a polished and smooth control that gamers will love to handle. 

Latest Developments

At present, gamers can pre-register for the games beta in the Google Play Store.

In a teaser Video that is comparable to the console and PC version of the blockbuster gaming hit Overwatch with a slight twist on the popular multiplayer game mode “Capture the Flag”. The game emphasizes adrenaline rushing fast action, teamwork and character selection. 

Moreover, at the game developer conference held at Copenhagen Madfinger provided a shorter clip of the game in addition to the teaser.

In the e-sports industry, Madfinger has earned the reputation of providing gamers with delightful action experiences with its earlier title like the Dead Trigger and Shadowgun.

The best devices to run the game

As far as the latest developments are concerned, the franchise is accepting signups for the owners of iOS and Android devices.

You can run the game on devices like

  • iPad Air
  • iPhone6 and above
  • Honor 8X
  • Asus ROG Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Huawei P Smart 2017
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5
  • Motorola Moto G5

You can also run the game on the latest releases of these devices.

Madfinger is personally recommending the Asus ROG Phone II ever since it signed up a partnership deal with Asus, which included in-game cosmetics and performance optimization.

Shadowgun War Games – Inspired By Overwatch May Be Released Early in 2020

Gamers all over the world are delighted as the much-anticipated “Shadowgun War Games” from the Madfinger is all set for release early in 2020. If you have not heard about the game before, then you can draw consolation from the fact that the screenshots, video footage, and game title released so far clearly shows that it draws inspiration from the Overwatch series. It will be a nice change for gamers who are getting bored and familiar with the multiplayer modes featured in the mobile version of Call of Duty mobile.

If you like Multiplayer FPS then War Games is certainly meant for you with its 5v5 competition.  Playing the game will be a delightful experience, as the game will feature unique characters with gifted abilities. Madfinger clearly stated that it would definitely release the game in the early part of 2020 although the exact date has not been confirmed.

Enthusiastic gamers now have the option of pre-registering for the game on Google Play.

The game will release a beta before launch

The full version of the game will not be released until Madfinger is convinced that the Shadowgun War Games has covered up all the fronts. Hence, the franchise has decided to release a beta of the game prior to the game’s final release.

Madfinger has not confirmed the date for the beta either.  However, one thing is for sure that the beta will hit the market before 2020 begins. Thus, for quite some time now gamers did have the chance to sign up for the beta.  If you have played Overwatch before and impressed with its gameplay then you will not end up disappointed by signing up for the Shadowgun War Games.  If you want to get an instant notification the moment the game is released then make sure that you utilize the pre-registration available on Google Play.

The cast of characters is still an enigma except for the five, which have already been announced. The featured characters will be from the Shadowgun Universe, and it will be a fusion of the old and new ones.

Madfinger has confirmed the presence of

  • Slade (from the original Shadowgun)
  • Willow
  • Jet
  • Revenant
  • Sara

It is not clear whether these are the only five characters that will be available at launch.  It is quite right to expect more than just five characters as it would be a very small rooster and it will not provide much variety.

However, gamers do not need to be despondent as the game will be updated regularly which will infuse exciting new kinds of stuff in the game. It implies that you will have the option of choosing from more skins, maps, characters, match types, and emotes.

Multiple match types emote and custom skins

As far as character customization is concerned, you can be sure of having plenty of varieties irrespective of the number of characters featured in the roster. War Games will be offering a plethora of skins; so that you can play the game you and unlock these various skins and emotes for your character.

Shadowgun War Games- The New Online Competitive Platform from Madfinger Games

The popularity of first-person shooting games on the online mobile platform has surged considerably over the few years as evident from the popularity of games like PUBG and Fortnite.  One of the stalwarts of mobile shooters Madfinger Games is set to give other franchises a good competition with the formal announcement of Shadowgun War Games. Fans must remember the fact that this game is not the battle for the royal title but a competitive online shooting game.

The Gameplay

With a gameplay mechanics called “capture the flag”, the game is a quick-fire 5v5 game. The gamers have to optimize the privileged capabilities of each hero on their team for defeating the opponent and snagging their flag. Gaming enthusiasts may not get a good idea of the gameplay from the details provided in the trailer. The good news is that the plot and gameplay appear to be simple. Madfinger is optimistic that this game will become popular in the esports platform.

The Franchise’s Official Statement

Madfinger has proclaimed that the game will be running on most phones at a speed of 60fps. However, on certain devices with higher refresh screens the game can strike speed of 90fps.Madfinger has not confirmed the release date of the game though. If you are interested to get more information about the game then you can sign up for their mailing list.

In an official statement, Marek Rabas, Madfinger’s CEO and game director said that the company wishes to take mobile esports to the new zenith of success drawing inspiration from some of the popular competitive titles. He further clarified that Madfinger is bringing about fusion from the best of first-person shooters and classical tactical.Finally, when Madfinger implements some of its unique styles the Shadowgun War Games will become a masterpiece.

How the Game Unfolds

In the war game of the Shadowgun Legends, the player jumps straight into the battle as a hero from the legacy of the game’s legends.  Every hero will be having a unique set of skills and weapons.  It is not only about the personal capabilities of the hero but team cooperation is also crucial for success.  The first person shooter sets teams of five against an opposing team as they battle to capture the rival flag.

The delightful graphical power of the game combined with intuitive and smooth control provides professional gamers with everything that they ask for.

Recent Developments

It was on August 25 that fans got their chance to get a firsthand experience of the game at Gamescom located in Germany’s Cologne City. Madfinger Games deserves credit for hosting the first-everShadowgun War Games tournament on the ESL stage.  The competition exhibited the game’s spectator mode PC-quality with beautifully sharp graphics on the big screen. The Booth B-057 in Hall number 9.1 was buzzing with enthusiasm as visitors were trying to get their hands on the game.

Shadowgun War Games are now already open for beta testing on both the Android and iOS platforms.  Fans were fortunate that they got a chance of pre-registering at this site.